Angus Keogh Procedures – De Quervain’s Release

De Quervain's Release

De Quervain’s tensynovitis is an inflammatory condition of the tendons on the thumb side of the wrist. It is common in women post pregnancy and is typically associated with lifting activities (i.e. a newborn baby). The wrist at the base of the thumb is painful and sometimes swollen. It can sometimes be confused with arthritis in the thumb side of the wrist (STT arthritis/Trapeziometacarpal arthritis, see base of thumb arthritis) and it is important to distinguish which is causing the problem. This usually includes taking X-rays as well as an ultrasound. Once the diagnosis is established, treatment either consists of non-operative or operative treatment. Non-operative treatment involves avoiding provocative activities (repetitive lifting), anti-inflammatories, splinting and occasional injections into the tendon covering (sheath). Operative treatment involves releasing the covering of the tendon and removing some of the inflamed tissue around the tendon. After this, the covering of the tendon is reconstructed in a lengthened fashion in order to prevent instability of the tendon (flicking of the tendon back and forward over the bone). The wrist is immobilised in a splint for three weeks after the operation.

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