Angus Keogh Procedures – Hand Fractures

Hand Fractures

There are a multitude of different hand fractures which can occur, from simple tip of finger fractures to complex crush injuries of the hand.

The essence of treatment is to sufficiently stabilise the fracture to allow motion as early as possible, therefore reducing the possibility of developing a stiff digit or hand.

In most circumstances, fractures can be treated without an operation and simply require protected range of movement (i.e. splint and hand therapy).

In circumstances where the bone is significantly displaced (the two parts of the bone are not aligned), unstable (the bone wobbles about), or if it is an open fracture (there is an open wound), then operative treatment is recommended. This usually involves an operation in theatre. Bones are realigned as close as possible to their previous alignment and then usually held with either small pins (K wires), or plates and screws.

It is important after this type of injury and surgery to get the hand moving as the development of stiffness is common.

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