Angus Keogh Procedures – Scaphoid Fractures

Scaphoid Fractures

The scaphoid is a little bone but it can cause BIG problems. It forms one of the cornerstones of stability and mobility of the wrist. Commonly it is broken with a heavy fall on the outstretched wrist. Pain is experienced at the base of the thumb.

If the fracture (“break”) is undisplaced (i.e. it hasn’t moved significantly), then most commonly it can be managed simply in a splint for eight weeks. If it has moved then it will require reduction (put back into place) and then fixation (usually a screw).

Occasionally the bone will not heal. This can be due to mechanical and biological factors (whatever you do, don’t smoke). In this circumstance, if it is painful, then surgery is usually recommended in the form of bone graft surgery to introduce new healthy bone into the area where there is poor bone (the non-healing bone).

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