Angus Keogh Procedures – Wrist Replacement

Wrist Replacement

Wrist Replacement is a steadily evolving field of upper limb orthopaedic surgery. Certainly the materials and components we use to replace the wrist joint and our techniques are improving. We are not yet at the stage where we have a solid joint replacement which will tolerate the demands of a younger adult, but for older patients with lower demands, the joints perform well.

This operation is typically performed for patients who have a very significantly arthritic joint who would like to maintain movement.

The operation involves removing part of the wrist bones and replacing them with meta plates to replicate joint surfaces and the articulating portion (moving part) of the replacement is either a plastic (high molecular weight polyethylene) or metal ball.

The outcomes are by no means the same as a normal wrist joint but there is an acceptable range of movement and pain should be eliminated.

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