David Colvin


Orthopaedic Surgeon - Perth, Subiaco

Dr David Colvin is an orthopedic surgeon specialising in shoulder and knee surgery.

He treats patients who suffer from knee or shoulder pain, with surgery ranging from rotator cuff repair to knee arthroscopy and ACL reconstruction. Dr Colvin is part of Western Orthopedic Clinic with rooms at St John of God Hospital in Subiaco, Perth. If you need orthopedic surgery or advice, go to Dr Colvin's practice website or contact his clinic on 9489 8788 to book an appointment.

Dr Colvin has particular expertise in navigating the challenges of treating work related injuries through the Western Australian Workers' Compensation scheme.

Shoulder Surgeon

As a Perth shoulder surgeon, Dr David Colvin has extensive experience in treating patients with all shoulder problems including rotator cuff tear, shoulder bursitis, and shoulder dislocation. A rotator cuff tear is one of the most common shoulder problems and frequently requires rotator cuff repair surgery.

If shoulder pain is impacting upon your ability to work or play sport you may benefit from orthopedic advice on the need for rotator cuff surgery.

Knee Surgeon

Dr Colvin is a Perth knee surgeon with expertise in the latest knee reconstruction techniques. He assists patients who have suffered a knee injury with surgery including ACL reconstruction, knee arthroscopy, and knee cap dislocation surgery.


Shoulder and Knee Surgery, Sports Injuries, Perth

David Colvin trained in orthopaedic surgery in Perth, Western Australia and subsequently undertook Post Fellowship training in shoulder and knee surgery both in Australia and with the Arthroscopy Association of North America.

David's specialty is knee and shoulder surgery and sports injuries.


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