If you require surgery, it is increasingly an option to consider traveling to another country in order to access the highest quality surgical care and expertise. On that basis, Perth, Western Australia should be at the top of your list. This is especially true in the areas of orthopaedic shoulder and knee surgery.

Australia is a sports mad country. As a result, we have always been world leaders in the treatment of sports injuries and joint reconstruction.

Australian orthopaedic surgeons train globally, and constantly search world wide for the newest and best techniques. We do so in a thriving private medical environment, which provides the highest possible quality of care. We are not constrained by a cash starved public health system like the United Kingdom. In the United States, intrusive health management organisations (HMOs) dictate what new technology can be used. We are the envy of our colleagues worldwide, with world-class facilities, and unfettered access to the latest technologies.

At the same time, Australian private hospitals provide exceptional care at an internationally competitive cost.

Procedures suitable for this type of surgery include knee and shoulder arthroscopy, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACL), rotator cuff repair, and shoulder dislocation.

Joint replacement procedures are generally not appropriate as it is not safe to travel for some time after these procedures, and they require longer term follow up.

Dr Colvin is very happy to review medical records and investigations in advance and advise on surgical options. To enquire, email: for further information.

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