Hari Goonatillake


MBBS, FRACS (Orth) FRACS (Gen Surg)
Shoulder and Knee Surgery
Joint Replacement of the Shoulder, Knee and Hip

Hari graduated with an MBBS from Melbourne University, Victoria. He obtained his Fellowship in orthopaedic surgery in Perth, Western Australia after first obtaining his Fellowship in General Surgery in Melbourne. Hari has also completed post-fellowship training in knee and shoulder surgery in Melbourne, limb reconstruction in Sheffield, UK and trauma surgery in Munich, Germany.

Hari specialises in shoulder and knee surgery, joint replacement of shoulder, knee and hip.




St John of God Medical Clinic
Suite 213
25 McCourt St, Subiaco  6008
Phone 08 9489 8722
Email: hg@wocwa.com
Fax: 08 9381 8877



St John of God Subiaco Hospital
12 Salvado Rd, Subiaco 6008
Phone 08 9382 6111


Hollywood Private Hospital
Monash Ave, Nedlands WA 6009
Phone 08 9346 6000



  • Rotator Cuff Repairs
  • Shoulder Replacement - Standard & Reverse
  • Impingement Surgery
  • Labral Repair/Reconstruction
  • Latarjet Procedures
  • Frozen Shoulder


  • Hip Replacement - Anterior Approach


  • Knee Replacement - Using Computer Navigation
  • ACL/PCL Reconstruction
  • Patello-Femoral Surgery/Reconstruction
  • Arthoscopic Meniscal Surgery


Rotator Cuff Repair - Post Operative Rehabilitation

After your rotator cuff repair you will be visited by a physiotherapist in hospital. You will be instructed on a passive range of movement programme to regain mobility in your shoulder, whilst continuing to protect the rotator cuff / tendon repair, for six weeks. You will also be shown how to keep your hand and elbow moving as well as how to manage your sling.

The passive range of movement programme is designed to regain some movement about the shoulder whilst protecting the rotator cuff repair and consists of pendulum movements, passive shoulder flexion and external rotation exercises if appropriate.